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What is it?

Mediumship Readings

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Mediumship is an art that has been learned and performed for thousands of years by a select few. Whilst it is a skill that is brought forward from previous lives, it cannot be performed at its optimum without proper instruction and training.

Mediums believe that the spirit lives many lives on earth and its time both on earth and in the spiritual world is one of learning. They also believe that whilst on earth, the energy inside a person, which is called their spirit, can communicate with spirits existing in the spirit world. Some of these are known as guides.  A medium can receive information from their guide and pass it on to the client, hence they are the mid-point between their guide and the client. Trained mediums do this energetically and do not use any tools.

A reading is a unique experience, offering clarity and insight

regarding your past, present and future.  It is often a precursor to new perspectives,

greater understanding of yourself

and your place in the world,

showing you a way forward

to more fulfilment, peace and

personal harmony.

Beatrice is an accredited Medium following 14 years of elite training at Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning.  Beatrice continues to hone her craft on a weekly  basis in a

Spiritual Circle working with her guide, Calla.


Why have one?

Sometimes in life, we need guidance to help us navigate our journey.  Perhaps there are patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you?  Or maybe a loved one has passed and you cannot seem to find a peace to move forward in life without them?  Maybe you just want to become a better version of yourself and need an action plan to get there?


A reading can assist you in any stage of life that you find yourself with questions that need answers, and is often considered by those looking to grow and move forward in their life.


Mediumship Readings  are $100 for 60 minutes

Sessions can be done in person, via zoom or by phone

A highlight of my day is when I offer insight to my client that gives them a new perspective on their life that is more positive, uplifting and a pathway to more fulfilment and joy.  It is not my job to filter information from my guide, so I do not shy away from the truth of where they are at in their life and what has led them to this point in time.  All I am is a conduit, so the information is accurate and often profound.

Mediumship Readings

Emotional Healing

Hahnemann Healing is a powerful method of dealing with emotions, which often lie behind illness. These emotions occur as a result of negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life.  The good experiences of life do not eradicate the memory of the bad experiences felt and retained in the body. Hence, they need an intervention to remove them. Because they are an energy, they are only removable through the use of energy.


Hahnemann Healing is a form of spiritual healing. Generally, spiritual healing and its derivatives (e.g. Reiki) work by drawing healing energy via the practitioner from the great cosmos. The energy is then dispersed with a lot of power and clarity for people’s benefit.  Hahnemann Healing works in a more specialised way, being directed to points in the body where it is needed. Each one of these points relate to a specific emotion.  Hahnemann Healing releases these negative emotions and increases love with lasting effect.


A strong emotion represents a danger to the body and a threat to the mind. This creates an overload and panic within a person. The resulting shock, loss of energy, and overwhelm embeds a blockage. The nervous system will slowly return to its normal method of operation but the damage is done, and the negative emotion is embedded i.e. a blockage is created.  Hahnemann Healing bypasses the mind and targets these emotional blockages via the nervous system, directing energy to precise points on the body using light finger touch and specific coloured energy.


The Healer is able to recognise the energetic call for help at certain points in the body, then provide those points with the healing energy required to assist the healing process.  It is  light finger touch and specific coloured energy.

Having spent years training in this

field of healing, I am skilled at

directing energy drawn from a

higher source, to where specific

negative emotions are held within

the body as blockages and

releasing them, thereby improving

physical and emotional health.



Negativity out, Love in

Hahnemann Healing may assist with:

  • Increased energy

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Clarity about your life and life's direction

  • Easing feelings of depression

  • Gentle care and progress after grief

  • Helping find a resolution to conflict

  • Increased self belief

  • Diminished anger

  • Reduced sleep problems

  • Reduced sadness

  • Increased coping ability

  • Healing from physical injury after illness or accident

  • Increased upliftment and joy

  • Help with addiction and weight loss

  • Alleviation of sorrow

  • Reducing the impact of past hurts and developmental arrests.

What can I expect in a healing

A short consultation sets the agenda for the healing session, to determine the specific emotions stored within the body, that need to be targeted.

Treatment always begins with what is called a ‘Balance’ where the healer places one finger at the base of the skull and one at the coccyx at the same time. This is to clear away any blockages in the flow of energy through the spine. This is done as the spine is the centre line of carrying energy through your nervous system.


The Healer will then direct energy to very specific parts of the body using light touch. The points they touch are the very points leading to where the body has retained emotional hurt or pain. The healing frees the body to release this pain, sometimes over a number of sessions as more and more layers are peeled away.

The treatment is non-invasive and the client remains fully clothed.  Where possible, skin to skin contact is preferable as it increases the healing effectiveness.  Light comfortable clothing is your best attire.

Hahnemann Emotional Healing  is $80 per 1 hr session

Sessions can only be done in person

Emotional Healing
Concomitant Healing

Concomitant Healing

Concomitant Healing is so named because it means “one after the other”.  It is a physical healing modality which requires the application of pressure to very specific parts of the body, which are neither meridians nor pressure points.


It is not a general healing modality, it is specific to healing injury or injuries.


In Concomitant Healing, it is recognized that where the body is holding an injury (regardless of its cause which can include emotional reasons) it will be affected in many more parts than just the injured area.


By following these affected parts in the injured body, the practitioner is able to resolve significant injuries quickly and effectively.  Therefore, it does not concentrate on just the injured area and it does not follow known or established lines through the body.  Rather, the practitioner goes to the parts of the body affected by the injured area, no matter where they are.


The client is usually intrigued by where the practitioner goes to on their body to heal their physical ailment and amazed by the outcome.



Pressure point massage 2

Concomitant Healing can assist in alleviating the symptoms of the following but is not limited to these:

  • Sporting injuries

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain

  • Period pain, headaches, migraine

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Arthritis

  • Knee and ankle issues

  • Sprains

  • General aches and pains or muscle tension

  • Feeling disconnected in the body

Concomitant Healing  is $60 per 40 minutes session

Sessions can only be done in person

Dreams Interpretation

Image by Chris Nguyen

Dreams are an important and integral part of every person’s life.  Few people understand their dreams, nor their significance to their life, either at the time of the dream or into the future.  They are given to people to help them on their journey through life, to help them understand where they are at and what they are facing or about to face.


There is no limit on what type of dream can be interpreted.  They include but are not limited to: everyday dreams, recurring dreams, and nightmares.  It is my job as a dreams interpreter to give you a clear understanding of the purpose and meaning of your dream.  It is your job as the client to decide whether or not you are going to take heed of this meaning and act upon it.

Dream Interpretation and analysis sessions are 90 minutes for new clients (initial consultation) and 60 minutes for existing clients (follow up consultation).  Only one session is required to interpret a dream.

What if I don’t recall my dreams?

We all dream, but don’t recall all of our dreams, so if you struggle to recall your dreams try the following...

Upon waking up, don’t switch your mind on (i.e. start thinking of the “to do list” for the day and/or other things that may be preoccupying your mind). Instead, keep your eyes closed and focus on any feeling or image you got in your dream.  Sit with it to see what else comes back to you and when you feel you have recalled as much as you could, write down the details of the dream including how you felt at different stages of the dream.  This process may take time but with practice and perseverance you will be surprised how many dreams you will start recalling.


The best timing to interpret a dream is as soon as practically possible after having had the dream to ensure you get the most out of it and are able to apply it to your current circumstances and use it to help you get through your next phase of life.

Dreams Interpretation initial consultation is $120 for 90 minutes Follow up consultations (for new dreams) is $80 for 60 minutes

Sessions can be done in person, via zoom or by phone


Dreams Interpretation
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