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This is me, Beatrice...

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in learning about the mind and studying why it is that we can get so caught up in habitual behaviours that don’t serve us.  Personal development has been my passion.

I haven’t always followed what I have learned, and it’s got me into some sticky situations, but I have been persistent in working to be the best version of myself in this lifetime.


I joined a Spiritual Development Circle back in 2010, became a Hahnemann Healer & Trainer, then further study to become a Concomitant Healer, Spiritual Counsellor and Mind Alignment Practitioner.  In 2022, I also studied Dreams Interpretation.  My learning never ends.  During this whole time I studied and practiced the art of Mediumship and earned my qualification in 2023. 


As a Practitioner of these healing modalities, my aim is to assist my clients to gain more insight into who they are and how they can find more fulfilment, joy and inner peace.  I want you to get more out of life, to really have the best life can offer.


Cheers, Beatrice

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This is me Beatrce

“I have been having Hahnemann Healing with Beatrice of Personal Unity for several months now. I have found her to be serious in her work of healing and helping others, while her demeanor is always caring, warm & kind. As a practitioner she has integrity and generosity of spirit. I can wholeheartedly recommend her and the modality of Hahnemann Healing."

Leonie F  24/03/24


For any inquiries or to discuss which offering will best suit you,

please get in touch.

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