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Come Learn With Me!

Here at Personal Unity, we have some special Workshops and Training for those wanting more.  If you would like to expand your understanding of Spirituality or perhaps even share the Hahnemann Healing modality with others, below is what's currently on offer.  And since the year continues to roll along and dates can change, please reach out if you would like to know the next workshop or training dates.

Just give me a call or text me on

0423 162 101

Cheers, Beatrice

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Understanding Spirituality & how to live it!

Come on an adventure with me!

A 1-day workshop delving into what it means to live a Spiritual Life and how to increase your sense of happiness and fulfilment. Discover how it can become the cornerstone to creating positive change and growth in your life.

Some of the topics covered include:

* life on earth and the purpose of humans

* the meaning of spirituality

* the meaning of karma

* freewill, how much do you really have?

* evolution and what it means

* what intuition is

* the cycle of life

Uncover the support and assistance available to us all and how to incorporate spirituality into everyday living, as we navigate life on earth. This is not a religious teaching.

Understanding Spirituality
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Hahnemann Healing
Practitioner Training

This is the next generation of spiritual healing, reiki being the forerunner.  Hahnemann Healing specialises in releasing the specific emotional issues negatively impacting a person's life. It is an ancient master healing craft brought forward from ancient Egypt for its relevance and need in the world today.


Hahnemann Healing training is for those people who have both an interest in spirituality and a deep desire to help others heal using energy.  It requires a belief in a power beyond earth and an understanding that this power can be "tapped into" and used for the benefit of healing others.  It is training for those who want to help others overcome their emotional blockages, thereby helping to reduce ongoing illness caused through these suppressed emotions.


You will be trained to understand the use of energy in a specialised way and how and where to apply it to the body of a client so as to release emotions.  It is a very precise modality and brings about significant change in the emotional state of the client.


If you are keen to learn this healing modality, it is a commitment of 8 days of training, spread out over a few months to allow for practice in between your training days and enabling your healing energy to increase and grow as you proceed through the course.


On successful completion you will be receive an accreditation certificate and can begin your journey to help heal others and self.

Please contact me direct for further information and course costing.

Practitioners are re-accredited annually and are required to attend a Professional Development Day.

Hahnemann Training
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